Sunday, March 8, 2009

good but bad

So today woke up later then normal. Then asked father what we were going to do today and he said NOTHING. So I asked if we could go pearls and he was in a good mood and said yes. Asked if I could bring ashley. Then said yes. So called ash to get ready. Went to pearls then tried on soooo much clothes but never had the money to buy them. I wanted this shirt that said " I like to be on top" hehehehe. And these cute white shorts. Dammm. But never bought anytrhing from down town. Then went to uptown and went to forever21. Shopped and put things on hold. Then ate. Then went to charlotte russe saw super cute flats but never ended up buying them. Then back to forever21 and got a top then home. And chilled with ashley. When iwe got home I had the meanest cramps. Ash told me to take a hot fuckin shower and hahaha ashley cooking me. Hahaha salting me up. Hehehe. Then I turned Then cramps got over it. Then chilled and talked. Wellz bbl,

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