Wednesday, March 4, 2009

another wensday,

So morning as usual. First is boring. Texted davin even tho he was in my Second was okay. People helped me on laptops.lunch was boring. Its been like that lately. Thrid was a BITCH. Made us walk around the classroom like idiots. Four was chill. After school diana thought see lost here phone. Then went genki with the girls ( jason counts as one.) Then drove to kaylas to get diana cell. Then drove around and shet. Then my house and chilled. Then diana lefted wait around for ashley. Then she came at like 512 like omg lol. But chilled and shet so ya. She stayed until 8ish. Then took shower and what not. Then someone called me hehehe. Then talked to him until 12ish. Lol any way oh wells. Bbl

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