Wednesday, March 11, 2009

been slacking

On everything. Not only on updating this thing but on school to. Damm need to straighten up. Nawwwwwmean!

So woke up and ya the normal. Pasalos and cruzed and talked story. Blah blah blah. But the only difference is today was a speacial day. Hehehehe ;) so ya had SOME fun. First period was okay. Kinda cruzed it cuz teachers brothers were here to vistit. Hehehe they all get blue eyes and komm is the only one with brown. So sad. Second was boring playsed a game. Lunch was okay. Saw juvie and talked to her for a bit till I saw windle cuz I had to ask for ride to my house ;) then the boys wanted to have SOME FUN. So yah me ash and diana gave then SOME FUN. Lol. The the rest of the FUN gave to windle cuz ya he was going to drop us off to my house. Thrid was tired as fuck omg I wanted to die. Then fourth was more tired. Hehehe. Whatever. Then after school met windle to his car and went to the manapua man. Hehehehe cuz fast asses in the back were hungry. Hehehe. Then went to the back road to go my house. On my way to the house I was fucking scareddddd. People drive so fast now days >.< and frickkkin diana K try turn down the music" she so says. And then she said something so shame. Akward. But it was alright ;) then ya got to my house and ya thanks windle for droppin us off. I own ya one. Ate and ya. Then to the park we go. Shetty the begginin. But dammmm was good. I gave up ehehehe. "HOOOOOOO fat girl hits." I think alika or jason said that about myrna one day. Idk why that popped in my head. Heheh was all g. Then back to my house to eat even more cuz were fat >.< then diana went and me and ash had some major serious kind talk all the way since diana left till like 7ish. We did some critical thinking when we wernt asked to. I made like a map to. Never ending kind map cuz keep going in circles. Hehehe. Well bbl,

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