Wednesday, February 4, 2009

okay but good

So woke up eay and father gave me 5 dollars and whatever. Yadda yadda yadda. Got ready. Waited for the bus and ash was supposed to bring here big bag to caring it but nah I did. Then got to school. Ate fried rice thanks to diana. Then down that shet with sunny d. Hehehehe. Lol. First was alright cuz miss let us talk during the school wide writing day shet. Omg that shet was easy as fuck. If ppl never get um they dummmmmm to the max. Anyways second was g. Lunch wen to trails with diana ash makmak them cruzed it >.< left then saw securtity. Good thing we digged out right on time. Thenback to d. Finnallly said something to casey in like the passed week. Said he need to talk. But idk when or how since his cellphone got cut off. Anyways thrid was erking. Fourth was even worse. Then after school was ughhhhh! Had to wait for our ride for like 30 minutes and omg was hot as fuck. Then mcccccccccds then gas then to asing with jason, kai,beezzzzy,dayne,landon and I think it was brandon but he left to go work. said hi to beeezy and he was all like "wow you remember my name" hehehe of coaurse I dooo fooo.nahnahnah jk! Then after a while all the boys had to leave except jason. So yah. Then pretty much a chill day. Pics and sitting aroung and walkin around and eating around. That's it pretty much. Then like yah my house. And yahyahyah. Whatever. Never in school ever again. Ughh. Be I was okay. Took care of my babys** hehehehe keeding loavvvv yaz.

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