Tuesday, February 3, 2009

another G day,

So got ready for school. And met up with ash. Was kinda cold.got to school like around 7ish and diana was there once again. Then yah as always went to pasalos. First was shetty. I smelt the crip.lol.then second was okay but shetty. Okay cuz I did m work and talked to shaina about probz. Lunch saw makmak and chaz tried to find diana but they went
manapua.then yah cruzed it. Thrid was okay. Fourth was weird. Hehehhe did make up work like that's not like mrs to do that.and nate texted me saying like am I happy now that he talked to me. Hehehe. Well I guess ya can say that. Then after school. Waited for the bus cuz diana came over my house. The fuckin bus took forever. And saw rod pass so I called him to ask for a ride. So me ash and diana went in the the car and yah got a ride home.hehehe. Then ate like we always do hehehehe heffffas.the nothing much. Bbl,
Don't really feel like bloggin right now. Problems. Ugh

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