Friday, February 6, 2009

no title.

Woke up at 537 got ready then yah bus. Then got to school then manapua for like the first time. First was boring. Second was fuss cuz the laptop shet but caseybear helped me. Hehehe. Then lunch was all g. Hung with juvie and casey them. AHEM* walked with me to 3rd and said some thing about my necklace. Said it was Then thrid was gay. Had so much work whatevz. Then walked with AHEM* to fourth. Then fourth partnred up to read. After school saw AHEM* and was saying my name. And I turned around and kept walkin. Someone was say "sexy" lol. After school went to the back road cuz a bus was in the way or somwthing like that. Then ash them called me hung out bad mode I gues. Whatever. Korean now at momi playin the xbox Bbl,

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