Monday, February 2, 2009


020109: superbowl sunday baby! I was going for steelers. My dad was the only adult for them, everyone else was cardinals. So sad that kind. I won mulaaa aunty won blocks. Shet so luck she won 850. Dammmmmm! She gave me 20 soo I'm happy. So like I could buy that phone I wanted like finnafuckinly dude. Then after the game was over just wen to walmart with jae and phil. And damm I saw phils new car. I love it even if its an old ppl car. Fuckin lincoln navigator. Dammm son. So yah parentals played pool while us kids were inside watching house bunny and chattin.

020209: school was shetty but after school was auu G! Diana and ashley decided to go my house. We ordered pizza hut pasta. And then got to put make up on eachother no matter how fucked up it was. Ashley looked CRIP! That's what she get for going last. Then just cruzed it. Then they went home. Now I'm here watchin secret life.

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