Saturday, May 2, 2009

im NEVER good enough

what kind of people do you want me to be with. you act just like them. you say the same things and act exactly the same. wtf! you say that it is the environment and the surroundings. BS! and now i cant go even when your there.wth! i dont even wanna go there tonight or EVER! and you fucking tell them why i dont go there. dont fuckin tell the bull lies either. tell them the dammmm truth why i dont go anymore. you are the one making me look like the bad guy. wth, i always wanna go. it you lying and all your bs. no wonder i turned out so curpted. you so lie and ML to fit in. shettt be yourself. no you are not who they think you are. you tell them th DAMMMMMMM TRUTH i wanna see you say it in front of thir face. i bet you would soo lie. like wtf. so basically i shouldnt even be around you. you have a dammmm problem. i never disobey you expect for that ONE time that you will never forgive me for. and you know what screw it. i already know to myself that im a pretty good child and alot of adults would want me as their child. and you dont even appreicate me and everything i do. you never get anything. there for real is no sence in living in this house. you so ML to other people that you have the best family around and you talk shet about other familys. look at your own before you even open your mouth. whatever. i swear this family is so tottally crip. i get honor roll and everything and all you say is wow. and all i ask for is a little more freedom and you cant even give me that. wtf ever.

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