Tuesday, February 24, 2009

haven't blogged in a while

Ummmm, I really don't know. Lets start with saturday. Um ashley came over. Jason picked us up. ALMOST DIED! Thatnk god we never. Then cruzed. Back home and me and ash chilled and talk at my home till 830ish cuz parents went party. Dancing like retards. Sunday. HOMEWIRK and MORE HOMEWORK. Mondat shetty my and ash went jogging and like streched and danced when we got back home.

Then today school was okay. First made a new lab. Second more work like always. Okay tho. Lunch omg. Third I presented my project. Fourth cruz and teen biz. I hate teenbiz. Omg. Then after school. Chilled and danced and streched.lol. Well to lazy to blog. Bye for now

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