Saturday, February 14, 2009

happy valentines day,

So today was great. Woke up and felt like shet cuz my tummy hurted like hell. You don't even know. But yah. Then ash came over cuz jason. So like ashley was beggin my,like on her knees kind to come cuz her mother was gonna call and she was like where you going and yah. So yah drove around. Went to the phone store cuz jason. I stayed in the car because I was sick. So they just left me in the car. Then after that we went to starbucks in kunia and ashleys sister was there. So jason just went to go get me my caramel makiato (<--spellin) then to future park. Ash and jason went to walk and sit at the park while I was in the care relaxin. I never even felt my tummy ache.hehehe then there for about an hour. Then back to starbucks. Ordered another caramel thing. And then to asing to chill more and heheheehe on our way there jason fobed Then to the park by my house. And chill and was suppose to go back home at five but I had an unexpected valentine show up. Hehehehe. Got out of the car and excepted my rose. Hehehe I was so surprised cuz I never thought I would have a valentine this year cuz yenoo I no more boyfriend. So I let jason and ashley have there alone time and I walked with him to the party. When we got there I was so shame. All his relatives were looking at me and his cousins were like " who gave that to you?do you love him?" hehehe so funny. Then yeeno. Cruzed with him for a bit. Then ashley them came. And jason left. So cruzed with them. Ash was like " ummm... so whatcha guys did" hehehehe. Never do anything bad and then. Then yah went ashs first so she can use the bathroom. Then to my house because she had to hold my rose cuz my parents. Then cruz for a bit. And she went home. Over all today was a great day. I would say I thought today would be the worse day of my life, but it was the total opposite. Bbl,

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