Friday, April 3, 2009


hehe i never update this shettt.

i fuckin forget auu ready what happened the first all i know is that i was spending choke time with my auntie jessica and helped plan kailee ans sean boy's birthday and shopping for things. then after the party and bullshitttt, we went shopping for ourselves. like we tottally went where ever to go shopping just to get out of our crazy ass house. lol. so sad the life >.< oh ya and i went shopping at alaz with jae. and hehehe i saw rickyboyeee! ;p

oh ya and i cant forget that i spent some FAMILY TIME in the first then on the first weekend, omg me and me dad had a serious talk. i was soo tottally ballin out tears. he was talking to me about how im so disrespectful to him, cuz like when he would in my room (without knocking) he asked what i did that day and all i said was "cruz with ashley". then he said "what you meeting up with boys. i dont want you to end up like your sister. i want you to go to college." and i get that everydammmmmm fuckinday. like you dont even know. and i was like can you not and stop all readyy. like forrrealss. and like he was like since when did you act like this. and he said im so disrespectful and walked to. but like i was being so nice and then. like that was a normal tone and everything.ugh. then he turned off all the power in my room. like wthhh!!! then he turned in back on after 30 minutes. i never did anything cuz like what he going do. let me die in this room. omgosh! then he told me to come in my parents room like yelling kine. then ya i did. and he said i was so disrespectful and how he doesnt want me to talk to him like that. then he got into i dont want you to get in trouble and end up like me sister and then he got to me sayin i messed up once already with the damm hickey on my neck. then i blew uppppp! i said to him that he has to let go of the past and learn to forgive me about it. and he said he did forgive me. but then i was like NO DAD YOU DIDNT FORGIVE ME because you still talk about it and bring it up eveyday of spring break. then yayayaya more yelling and comparing me to my sister. and then i hear my sister and alan come home and they still parking the car. then my mom finnally saiys something. she said stopp already and closes the door. then i snap at her. i go, "why you closing the door for and only now you say something. why you same for. you the one who like alan live here, you shouldnt be shame. he is your son already. he is family he should hear this. see and you to you favorite karen. just bcuz alan lives here now you no even scold her. like when dad get mad at you for not cleaning the house you call me. and i say go call karen and you say no need. you shame thats why just cuz alan." and she opened up the door and my dad said enough already and said i love you to me and hugged me and ya. then i couldnt even breeeath alreay so my parents told me to go get watter and my sister was looking at me like wth happened and then i went in my room. and my sister came in and ask. then i went back out to get more watter and i can tell on the look of my moms face she was sooo shame cuz alan saw me ballin. and shame cuz i said that to her. i only said that cuz its true. well after that dday my dad never say anything about my hickey anymore. finnaly stopped talkin bout that. shet just bcuz of one mistake in my life my father can never trust me. I know I did mess up but now its just coming back to haunt me. I promise myself never to hide anything like that again. He said he is over it but yet he ask me the same thing everyday. He needs to forgive me for my passed and live in the present. well shet i hope he will trust me now. well after all of this its been auu g. well besides the fight we went shopping and ya.

second weeek:

3/29-went to kristines house to cruz and diana slept over that night. hehhe we talked soooo much. basically chilled. and we talked on the phone. hehe then watching news, dianas fav ;) then my friend mark called and we both talked to him and dee said he was pretty chill for a kalihi then we were callin him a maccccccc-er. lol. basically just laughed choke ass. went sleep at like 2 or 3

3/30- woke up early, like at 5. then got ready. left the house with my parents and first went to get pandesal cuz my mom wanted. then to waikiki. got to my dads working place then wait ed for it to be 7. then my dad took us to eat at rainbows drive-in. then went back to the waikiki bamyan and my anutie pauline got us a room to stay in for a day. the ya went swimmin. hehehs so shame. then went in the jaqqquuuzieeee! heheh stayed in so long i got itchin spots. then at 10 went to get ready to go alaz. heheh we took the trollllly there. so tourist like ;p then looked at f21 to find dianas flats she wanted but never had. so walked around then ate genki. fuckin talk about bacd service. then walk around some more and took trooollllly back. then more swimming. and this time had choke ass people. and then around 4 changed and ate more and went back home. slept in the carrr.

3/31- ashley came over to cruz and what not. tyran called to cruz so we went vp. and then alax's house to play rockband. then chilled there till 4 then me and ash chilled at my house. then she went home and like the whole night i talked to karl. hehhehehe he always says yaww dude. omg so anykine.

4/1- i went to cruz at ashleys. myspace. talked to paulll. hehehe. then pj msged her for cruz. so ya we cruzed. talkin bout interesting things. come to find out pj is pretty cool to hang with.

4/2- i went pearls to go shopping with motherrrr! i had to buy new shorts and whatnot.

well ill up date more later, i hope! if i not bizzzzay ;p

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