Monday, February 9, 2009

these pass L O N G days

I've been thinking a lot. been emotional and all that. With all this thinking comes realizations. And ya know what I reallized? I realized that for a smart girl in school, I'm pretty dumm in the real world. Like how stupid am I.

My day: woke up got ready. Black was todays color for me, I was going to wear purple but nahh. Got to school manapua and yah. First boring and quiet most of the time just think to myself. Second was chill. I was quieter then normal. Lunch went with caseybear to meet with chan and juvie. Then d. Cruzed talked and yah. Third, boring catch up day. Shettin bricks cuz I was scared as fuck. And was to fourth. Fourth waited outside for like a good 10-15 minutes and sub. I was really quiet. Thinking about some shet. Writing in my "infamous" book (that's what caseybear calls it) and fucking so shame I was listening to my ipod and writing at the same time. Then fuck started tearin, so like my book is kinda mesed up. Shett. Oh welllz. After school went striaght to my house father was home. And me and ash just talked and went park. To lazy to blog the rest. Bbl,

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